Ablauf spiritueller Rückführungen nach Ursula Demarmels
Spirituelle Rückführungen nach Ursula Demarmels

Spiritual Regressions into Past Lives and the Between Life

Ursula Demarmels, Salzburg

Water Bubble Light Tunnel (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker


Ursula Demarmels on spiritual regression: "With the help of higher beings from the spirit world, I will gently guide you into a deeper relaxation for an inner journey into the light-filled, loving, and fascinating world of your immortal soul. Throughout your sessions, you will be able to communicate with me about your inner impressions and experiences. Your words during trance in individual spiritual regression sessions will be recorded as mp3 audio files for your later reflections."

People often find past life regressions to be very rewarding and inspiring. This spiritual exploration helps to explain past life talents, abilities, fears, attractions, hobbies, and karmic relationships. Individuals discover reasons for family dynamics, blocks in their careers, and important attractions to people in their present lives. Whether they believe in reincarnation or not, people find comfort and inspiration in exploring their lives in this way. During the spiritual journey back in time, one may also re-experience earlier times of the present life, i.e. childhood, time as a baby, and one's life as an embryo in the mother's womb.

During your between-life journey, originally described by Dr. Joel Whitton & Joe Fisher (1986) and by Dr. Michael Newton (1994 & 2000), you may perceive deep and revealing impressions concerning your personal soul development, your soulmates, your personal soul guide, and your council of the elders. You will also learn about your other tasks and activities in the spiritual world, as well as gain many meaningful insights. You will receive suggestions and advice concerning people with whom you share your present life, find out about your soul partners, as well as your most important goals. You may learn about significant steps to be taken to lead you to your life fulfillment. You may also gain a greater understanding of your purposes in life. Furthermore, you will realize your amazing uniqueness as an immortal soul. This journey of discovery will strengthen your connection with your personal soul guide, your angels, and with the spirit world.

These inner journeys will enable you to live your life more consciously and sensibly than before. Your inner experiences of your former lives, as well as the coinciding death scenes - which are transitional doorways into the wonderful spirit world of the "beyond" - may offer you consoling experiences of your eternal being as a divine soul. Fear of death becomes superfluous with this higher perspective of immortality.