Ablauf spiritueller Rückführungen nach Ursula Demarmels
Spirituelle Rückführungen nach Ursula Demarmels

Spiritual Regressions into Past Lives and the Between Life

Ursula Demarmels, Salzburg

Rainbow & Light Flares (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker



More than 6.000 spiritual regressions guided by Ursula Demarmels during over 40 years of own practice have expanded the lives of her clients and inspired them and her with fascinating stories of the past, karma, relationships, talents, and soul missions. Findings described by Dr. Joel Whitton (1986) and by Dr. Michael Newton (1994 & 2000) about our between lives in the beyond - the spirit world (afterlife; interlife) were added to her practical spectrum since 2001. We lived in this wonderful, heavenly place of unconditional love and peace before we came into our present life time. However, we never have left there entirely; parts of our soul are still there. After our physical death, we will return again to our eternal existence, our true home as an immortal divine soul.

Many of Ursula Demarmels' modifications of Spiritual Regression work are described in her book Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing: Discover Your Life Mission Through Past Life Exploration (Llewellyn Worldwide, MN, U.S.A.; available in 7 languages) and are based on decades of own practice, own methodology (Karma Coaching: Wege aus der Schicksalsfalle; Allegria, 2015) targeting to discover ways out of our destiny trap, and on descriptions by Dr. Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher (Life Between Life, 1986) and Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls, 1994; Destiny of Souls, 2000). Especially in mid Europe, she is also known by her numerous TV appearances in documentary programs on historically verifiable reincarnation, broadcasted in some of Europe's largest TV stations and seen already by more than 52 Mill. viewers.

The journey into the between life is like a "home-coming" -- a conscious return to God. We experience our real identity as free and joyful souls, immersed in the loving and light-filled Divine order. The breath-taking experiences help us to gain increased clarity, and to fully explore our daily challenges as incarnated souls inside our human bodies on earth. Through this method, we can reach our life-fulfillment and goals under heavenly guidance.

The inner journey to our past lives as guided by Ursula Demarmels (reincarnation or past-lives regression therapy) takes about three hours. To experience the spirit world as a soul (a special form of between lives soul regression) takes about four hours, which includes a touch into a past life before entering the spirit world. Either guided inner journeys may be beneficial to people who are psychologically healthy, mentally stable, and open-minded to these kinds of new experiences. It is highly recommended to have at first a past life spiritual regression session beforehand, carried out in a special way to prepare for the between lives soul regression session to follow.