Ablauf spiritueller Rückführungen nach Ursula Demarmels
Spirituelle Rückführungen nach Ursula Demarmels

Spiritual Regressions into Past Lives and the Between Life

Ursula Demarmels, Salzburg

Water Light Tunnel (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker


Spiritual Regression into Past Lives and The Life Between Your Incarnations 

Past Life Spiritual Regression and Reincarnation

The belief in reincarnation is as old as mankind. Using suitable methods of spiritual regression, it is possible to remember our own past lives. Regressions into past lives are journeys through time and can often bring back historically documented memories. Spiritual reincarnation may help to let go of your own fears and inner blockages, to learn more about your karmic connections, and to better navigate your current life. Spiritual regression forms a bridge from our current physical existence to our lives in the spirit world, as a light-filled, immortal divine soul.

Spiritual Regression into the Between-Life: Contact to Your Immortal Soul

Already in 1986, the U.S. psychiatrist Dr. Joel L. WHITTON and Joe FISHER published outstanding findings on the state between incarnations in their book Life Between Life, based on 13 years of extensive research. Eight years later, Dr. Michael NEWTON provided an extended scientific basis for this work in his books Journey of Souls (1994) and Destiny of Souls (2000). Spiritual between-lives regression, leading to the wonderful experience of former lives and your existence in between your lives on earth, allows us to build bridges between our physical incarnations and our immortal life in the spirit world - your life as an eternal soul in the beyond. Get acquainted with your own soul, your guides in the spiritual world, and your soulmates. Experience yourself as an eternal soul of light, and learn about the deeper meaning of your tasks and the lessons to learn in your current life.

Between-Lives Soul Regression permits to dive consciously into our own existence in the spirit world, as souls between our incarnations, while still in our physical bodies: Meanwhile, the findings of tens of thousands of case studies about the "beyond" give us a the fascinating opportunity to enter the inner world, where the souls are truly at home. This is accomplished through deep relaxation and specialized trance techniques.

In 2004, the Society for Spiritual Regression (SSR), Dr. Michael Newton and a number of dedicated specialists have trained and certified a small group of selected therapists to work with his methods. Ursula Demarmels feels blessed to be amongst the attendees. She was the first graduate from Europe authorized by the SSR to practice Between Lives Spiritual Regression as “CERTIFIED LIFE-BETWEEN-LIVES™ THERAPIST”. She contributed teaching LBL spiritual regression therapy as Training Assistant of the SSR and was awarded with the Certificate "LIFE BETWEEN LIVES HYPNOTHERAPIST" (TNI, 2005-2015). Dr. Michael Newton has kindly provided the forward to Ursula Demarmels' bestselling book Wer war ich im Vorleben (available in German, English, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Bulgarian language). Her book is regarded the German benchmark standard of reincarnation therapy. The methodology applied by Ursula is the result of her > 40 years of spiritual regression practice, guiding clients into former lives and the between-life as divine, immortal soul. In English language, her book as been published by Llewellyn Worldwide under the title Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing: Discover Your Life Mission Through Past Life Exploration (Paperback 2015; E-Book 2016).

In addition to her spiritual regression work with clients during personal consultations and workshops, Ursula Demarmels is a leading regression expert in many German TV documentary programs on historically verifiable reincarnation, watched by more than 52 Mill. viewers and main protagonist on the first cinema film documentary on Reincarnation (German language; English version in preparation).